Who Is Patrick Mahomes Sr.? What To Know About The Controversial Former Athlete - The List (2024)


Who Is Patrick Mahomes Sr.? What To Know About The Controversial Former Athlete - The List (1)

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' family has a dark and controversial side that doesn't often come out on the field, as they love and support each other. On February 4, a week before the star athlete took on the San Franciso 49ers 2024 Super Bowl, his father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Texas. According to records obtained by People, this isn't Pat Sr.'s first offense since he has faced at least three similar charges.

As a result, his bond is set at $10,000, and he could also be sentenced to prison time of up to ten years. He was released later the same day. In 1994, he was looking at a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge after getting into a single-car accident. A source told the Orlando Sentinel that Pat Sr. crashed into a guardrail while speeding, which caused his car to turn over and trap him until authorities helped him out.

He was once again charged with DUI in 2018. Pat Sr. pleaded guilty to the charges and spent 40 days in county jail as part of his sentence. It's unclear if Pat Sr. will be able to watch his son compete at the Super Bowl, but in a CNN interview, he revealed that he couldn't be prouder of the Chiefs star. "To compete at the highest level is something that is rare and very special. For him to have the amount of success that he's had this early on in his career is just surreal," he gushed.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. was an MLB pitcher

It seems like Patrick Mahomes Sr. relates with his son, Patrick Mahomes' struggles all too well because he was an athlete in his youth. He was a Major League Baseball pitcher for a decade, starting in 1992. He lent his talents to teams like the Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins, Pittsburg Pirates, and Chicago Cubs. His career also took him across the globe as he pitched for Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball for two years. Pat Sr. has also earned himself a spot in the Sioux Falls Canaries Hall of Fame.

As you can imagine, Patrick Jr. had some big shoes to fill during his teenage years, so he took up basketball, football, and baseball. When Pat Sr. spoke to the Los Angeles Times in 2023, he shared that he told his son to drop football in his high school sophom*ore year because he believed the future NFL star's energy would be better spent perfecting his already stellar baseball skills. Thankfully, Patrick followed through with his football career plans with gentle nudges from his mother, Randi Martin.

Nonetheless, Patrick told Men's Health in 2021 that his father inspires him to bring his A-game while he still can. "I got to see [my dad] battle and grind to try to get back there," Mahomes explained. "You never know if it's going to be like this for the rest of your career. So I try to win as much as possible now and do whatever I can to win multiple Super Bowls."

He has mixed feelings about Taylor Swift

According to Patrick Mahomes' mother, Randi Martin's website, she met Patrick Mahomes Sr. shortly after finishing high school but didn't know he was an MLB pitcher. They married and started a family when they were still young. Eventually, the celebrity status took its toll, as she explained, "Married life with a professional baseball player is a hard life and took a toll on [our] relationship, which led to divorce."

They called it quits around 2006, but they remained on good terms and frequently showed up to support their son. After the Kansas City Chiefs won the 2023 Super Bowl, the NFL took to X, formerly Twitter, to share a video of father and son tightly embracing as they celebrated the achievement. Pat Sr.'s unyielding efforts to support his son have also led his paths to cross with Taylor Swift.

Speaking to Starcade Media, he gushed about the pop star, "I actually walked up and introduced myself to her, and she said she knew who I was because she had watched the Quarterback series," he said. "Every time I've hung out with her, she just acts like a normal person." But when he appeared on the "Evan & Tiki" podcast and the hosts asked if he wanted to join Travis Kelce and his loved ones in his suite, he said he would prefer to be with the Mahomes family instead. He also noted that Swift could afford to get a suite all to herself if her heart desired.


Who Is Patrick Mahomes Sr.? What To Know About The Controversial Former Athlete - The List (2024)
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