Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024 (2024)

Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the NFL and is a two-time Super Bowl champion. Let's take a look at Kelce's net worth in 2024.

Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024 is $40 million. Kelce is a popular football player who currently suits up for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. He is a three-time Super Bowl champion, a seven-time All-Pro player, and garnered nine Pro Bowl appearances.

And yet, probably his greatest accomplishment was getting girlfriend Taylor Swift to come watch him play for the Chiefs. For this piece, let's take a closer look at Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024.

What is Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024?: $40 million (estimate)

Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024 (1)

Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024 is $40 million. This is according to reputable outlets such as Celebrity Net Worth. No wonder he can afford to pay nearly $1 million for a home in Kansas City, Mo., and $648K for Kelce's car collection.

Travis Kelce was born on Oct. 5, 1989, in Westlake, Ohio. He attended Cleveland Heights High School where he represented the school's varsity team in three sports, basketball, football and baseball. But among the sports he played, Kelce stood out in football. During his senior year, Kelce completed 103 passes out of 198 attempts for 1,523 yards, to go along with 15 touchdown passes and eight interceptions, as per MaxPreps. For his efforts, Kelce was a three-year letter winner.

Travis Kelce plays for Cincinnati Bearcats

After completing high school, Kelce received several offers from several college football programs, according to ESPN. The Cleveland Heights standout fielded offers from University of Connecticut, University of Pittsburgh, University of Miami, Eastern Michigan, and Cincinnati. Kelce eventually decided to attend Cincinnati.

Kelce played for the Cincinnati Bearcats for three seasons, having been redshirted in 2008 before getting suspended in 2010 after testing positive for abusive substance. Overall, he tallied 59 receptions, 875 receiving yards, and 10 receiving touchdowns. In addition to this, Kelce also registered 14.8 receiving yards per reception. During his senior year, Kelce was named to the First team All-Big East selection.

Travis Kelce is drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs

After three seasons with the Bearcats, Kelce decided to declare for the 2013 NFL Draft. During draft night, Kelce was selected in the third round with the 63rd overall pick by the Kansas City Chiefs. Shortly after, he inked a four-year contract worth $3.1 million. Despite a lucrative rookie deal, Kelce later admitted he almost went broke by spending all of the cash due to an extravagant lifestyle, according to Sportskeeda.

While Kelce struggled with his finances, it's safe to say that his rookie year was also just as forgettable. In 2013, he only played in a single game after undergoing a knee surgery. However, 2014 was a better year for Kelce, as he showcased his potential. He tallied 67 receptions, 862 receiving yards and five receiving touchdowns.

In 2015, Kelce had a solid NFL season. He tallied more receptions and total receiving yards to make his first of five Pro Bowl appearances. A year later, the former Bearcat would register better numbers in 2016, putting up 85 receptions, 1,125 receiving yards, and four touchdowns. During that season, not only did he make a Pro Bowl appearance, but the tight end also made the First team All-Pro selection.

Travis Kelce signs first contract extension with the Chiefs

After a pair of solid seasons, the five-time Pro Bowl player convinced the Chiefs enough to make him a part of their future. As a result, the Chiefs signed the budding tight end to a four-year contract worth $46 million.

After inking a contract extension, Kelce continued to register Pro Bowl-worthy seasons and racked up the All-Pro selections. In fact, Kelce made the All-Pro first or second teams from 2016 to 2022.

Travis Kelce signs second contract extension with the Chiefs

Trav and Big Red. ❤️ #SBLVII

— NFL (@NFL) February 13, 2023


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After the 2019 season, Kelce played an instrumental role in helping Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV. With Kelce playing a key role as the team's main tight end, the Chiefs rewarded Kelce with another contract extension.

This time, the deal ran four years and will pay Kelce $57.3 million, as per Spotrac. With the contract extension, Kelce not only enjoyed a salary raise, but it's also the most lucrative deal in Kelce's NFL career.

Travis Kelce's hyperextended knee before the 2023 season

Fresh from winning a Super Bowl championship, the Chiefs' title defense for the 2023 season hit a snag after Kelce hyperextended his knee during its buildup in preparation for the upcoming season. Fortunately for Kelce, there was no structural damage found in his knee, and he only missed the first game of the season, a 21-20 loss to the Detroit Lions.

Due to the injury, Kelce finished 16 yards shy of his eighth-straight 1,000-yard receiving season but did receive another Pro Bowl selection. Taylor Swift should be very proud, even if they won't be getting engaged anytime soon.

Nevertheless, were you at all stunned by Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024?

Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024 (2024)


Travis Kelce's net worth in 2024? ›

Travis Kelce has an estimated 2024 net worth of $50 million. While that does make him a very rich man, he's not one of the richest football players.

What is Travis Kelce's net net worth? ›

A: As of 2024, Travis Kelce's estimated net worth is around $30 million. His wealth primarily comes from his football career and related endorsem*nts.

What is Jason Kelce's net worth? ›

As we dive into 2024, Jason Kelce's financial standing is nothing short of impressive, with estimates pointing to a net worth of up to $30 million. This considerable sum reflects his lucrative career in the NFL, where he shines not just as a sportsman but also as a brand ambassador.

How much money does Travis Kelce make? ›

Kelce signed a four-year, $57.25 million extension in 2020, which pays him an annual average value of $14.3 million. In the 2023 season, Kelce earned $11,250,000 in base salary. Kelce's salary ranked 30th among base salaries in the NFL in 2023.

How much does Travis Kelce make from his podcast? ›

Their success both on and off the field made the show an instant hit. Eric Silver, head of development at Multitude -- a podcast collective studio and ad-sales provider -- told MarketWatch he would not be surprised if the Kelce brothers command $100 million for their "New Heights" podcast.

What is Patrick Mahomes net worth? ›

Patrick Mahomes: $45 million.

How rich is Brittany Mahomes? ›

With an estimated net worth of $10 million at the age of 28, Brittany's financial success reflects her individual achievements and prowess.

How much is Patrick Mahomes worth 2024? ›

As of 2024, Patrick Mahomes' net worth is close to around USD 80 million. He's one of the highest-paid and marketable players in the NFL.

What does Kylie Kelce do for a living? ›

Kylie Kelce - Event Consultant - Eagles Autism Foundation | LinkedIn.

What does Travis Kelce's dad do for a living? ›

Ed Kelce then went to work in the steel industry, eventually becoming a sales rep who sold products to manufacturers, he explained in a February interview with The Los Angeles Times. “I'd take them there — hard hat, safety glasses, boots, the whole nine yards,” he told the publication of bringing his sons to work.

Who is richer Travis Kelce or Taylor Swift? ›

With a fortune reportedly worth $1.1 billion, Taylor has earned significantly more than Travis, whose net worth is reportedly $30 million. According to Arka, Swift's primary source of income came from the profits of her wildly successful concert tours.

What companies does Travis Kelce own? ›

Other than his endorsem*nt deals, Kelce has made investments in various businesses. These include Cholula (hot sauce), Hydrow (rowing machines), Indochino (men's fashion), RealTruck (truck accessories) and ThePlayersTV (athlete-owned media network), according to Insider.

What did Jason Kelce wife have? ›

How much money does Jason Kelce make on his podcast? ›

Jason and Travis Kelce's 'New Heights' podcast could score $100 million deal - MarketWatch.

How many cars does Travis Kelce have? ›

Travis Kelce, the NFL superstar who helped the Kansas City Chiefs get to their second Super Bowl victory in three years, is also a bit of a car fanatic. He's got a collection of eight cars which he's estimated to be worth around $1.4 million!

What does Travis Kelce have a degree in? ›

In 2022, Kelce finished his remaining credit hours to complete his degree — a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies from the College of Arts and Sciences — making him an official UC graduate. We love to see it!

Who is the highest paid NFL tight end? ›

Darren Waller

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