Paige Bueckers' Family: All About the UConn Star's Parents and Siblings (2024)

Paige Bueckers' Family: All About the UConn Star's Parents and Siblings (1)

University of Connecticut’s basketball star Paige Bueckers has had her family behind her throughout her collegiate career.

The point guard was born to Bob Bueckers and Amy Fuller in October 2001. Her parents divorced when she was 3 years old and both later remarried and had more children. Paige has a brother, Drew, on her dad’s side, and a brother, Ryan, and a sister, Lauren, from her mom.

After her parents split, Paige stayed with her dad in Minnesota while her mom moved to Montana. Bob and Drew showed up to all of Paige’s high school games, cheering her on in the bleachers, and Bob’s pride has only grown since.

“It has been surreal, but I think if she continues to stay true to herself, there are no boundaries for where she can go,” Bob told CT Insider in January 2022. “Obviously health plays a big part in that as an athlete. But even if she wasn’t an athlete, if she stays true to herself, which I believe she is doing and is really engrained in her entire personality, she’s going to be an agent of change.”

From how they’ve expanded their families to their support of Paige, here’s everything to know about Paige Bueckers’ parents and siblings.

Bob is a software developer

Paige Bueckers' Family: All About the UConn Star's Parents and Siblings (2)

Bob has worked as a consultant at numerous companies throughout his career from Target to Pearson. His most recent position listed on LinkedIn was as a senior software developer for IDEAS, which he left in May 2017.

He has since moved to Clarksburg, Maryland with his family where he continues to work as a software engineer, per CT Insider.

Amy is an equipment specialist at a dental practice

Paige’s mom was also a college athlete, running cross country and track and field at the University of St. Thomas, per her LinkedIn. She graduated in 1999 with a degree in biology but went back to school at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2001. In 2008, she graduated from the school with her master’s degree in periodontics.

She moved to Montana shortly after and began working at a dental office. In 2018, she began her current position as an equipment specialist at Patterson Dental in Billings, Montana.

Amy and Bob split when Paige was 3 years old

Amy and Bob got married on June 5, 1999, in Brainerd, Minnesota, per the Brainerd Dispatch. They welcomed their only child together, Paige, on Oct. 20, 2001. However, they split shortly after in 2004 and Amy soon moved to Montana.

Paige stayed in Minnesota with her father who remarried and welcomed a son, Drew, with his wife. Amy also remarried and had two children, Lauren and Ryan.

Bob coached Paige in basketball when she was growing up

Paige Bueckers' Family: All About the UConn Star's Parents and Siblings (3)

Bob was also a point guard when he was in high school so it was only natural that he would coach Paige when she was young. He told Bleacher Report in March 2020 that he tried to sign her up for different sports, but by first grade, it was clear to him that basketball was her passion.

“When she was young, any sort of ball that was around we’d be throwing it,” Bob told Ballislife in a March 2020 interview. “When she started playing [basketball], she was around 5, just playing it when we’d go to the park or go to the gym or something like that.”

Both her parents have been supportive of her career

Paige Bueckers' Family: All About the UConn Star's Parents and Siblings (4)

Paige’s parents have both been by her side throughout her career from high school to college, with Bob and Drew not missing a game in high school. Amy joined Paige for important moments like when she won the Big East Tournament's most outstanding player award in March 2024.

Apart from just her career, Bob is proud of how Paige has stayed true to herself in the public eye, he told CT Insider.

“People say things like, ‘She really handles herself well’ … She doesn’t have to handle herself,”he said. “That’s just her. And that’s what I like. She is confident in who she is and doing it in a positive way.”

He continued, “She fights for what she feels is right, which are a lot of things true to my heart, too — people who are struggling, social injustice — but this isn’t a made-up Paige for Twitter or Instagram. This is just who she is. As a parent, as her father, that’s amazing to see.”

Amy echoed similar sentiments in her interview with Ballislife, sharing that Paige has always been confident in herself and good at setting her own boundaries.

“Huge personality, super sarcastic, loves playing jokes on people, knows how to push people when she wants to in a funny way,” Amy said of her daughter’s personality.

Drew comes to all her games, while Ryan and Lauren are more private

Paige Bueckers' Family: All About the UConn Star's Parents and Siblings (5)

Paige’s siblings are still young and have remained out of the public eye, but she has been vocal about her love for them. The entire family came out in support of her for senior night in February 2024, including all three siblings.

Paige has also been vocal about advocating for Black Lives Matter as Drew is biracial. In August 2020, she posted a carousel of photos and videos of her little brother on Instagram, writing about how she wanted to make change for him in the caption.

“At what point do they stop looking at my little brother as a cute little boy and instead as a threat to society? It scares me,” she wrote. “I’m going to work for change little brother. I want you to grow up in world that accepts you for who you are.”

Paige Bueckers' Family: All About the UConn Star's Parents and Siblings (2024)
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