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Are you looking for free services in auto stores? Do you want to improve the performance of your vehicle at no cost? It sounds surprising, right? When we plan to visit an auto store, we prepare for expenses regardless of test and repair type. In fact, many of us think twice before visiting an auto store due to the anticipated expenditure. We are here to offer you a peace of mind. Yes, we will discuss some free services that you can expect in some major auto stores. You can get free battery testing, free electrical testing, free battery installation and recycling, free wiper installation, free oil recycling, free loaner tools, and much more. This article will focus on some big auto stores such as the Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, O’Reilly, Pep Boys, and their free services.

Advance Auto Parts

  • Check Engine Light Testing

Your engine light can cause potential problems and you cannot fix them without a proper diagnosis. You can stop at your local Advance Auto Parts to test your engine light for free. The professionals will check your engine with a comprehensive diagnosis.

  • Wiper Blade & Bulb Installation

You can install the bulb and wiper blade free of cost. If your wipers squeak, chatter, and streak, it is time to replace. The same is applicable to the bulb.

  • Battery Testing and Installation

You can visit your local Advance Auto Part store to replace your old battery with a new one. The battery testing will be free of charge as well.

  • Alternator & Starter Testing

They will test your starter, battery, and alternator to ensure that your vehicle is starting and charging fine. They will test battery, alternator, and starter off or on the vehicle.

  • Loaner Tool Program

If you want a tool to try before buying, you can visit Advance Auto Parts. With a deposit, you can get tools for free. While returning, you will get your deposit.

  • Oil and battery recycling

You can visit your local store to recycle your battery, gear, and motor oil.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys offers many free services. However, you must be a Pep Boys Rewards Member to use the free services.

  • Check Engine Light Testing

Your vehicle light’s is subjected to normal wear and tear. It can come on due to an occasional slip. Pep Boys offers a free service to find out the issue.

  • Battery Testing

Your battery is an important component. You can ensure the optimal performance of your battery with free battery testing by Pep Boy’s professionals.

  • Wiper Blade & Bulb Installation

Wiper and blub are essential for visibility. You can consider Pep Boys for the free replacement of your wiper and bulbs.

  • Alignment Check

Pep Boys will do a free alignment check to ensure that your vehicle is doing fine in the middle of the road. The thoroughly experienced technicians can make your journey safe with proper evaluation.

  • Brake Check

Your brake system needs to be evaluated regularly to avoid pulling, grinding, and squeaking. You can take the help of Pep Boys for free brake check to know the condition of your brake and the required replacements.


  • Battery Testing

Your battery might not work well due to harsh weather conditions. The extreme temperatures cause battery failure. You can bring the battery to the O’Reilly local store for a complete diagnosis. It will be free of cost. Their professionals will test the battery to know the causes of failure and will help you to get the right solution depending on the condition.

  • Alternator & Starter Testing

Your alternator has a role in the performance of your battery and electrical system. If you feel that there is an issue with charging, you can visit O’Reilly to get a free solution. They will test your alternator to know the issues and to find out a solution for battery failure. The technicians can check the alternator off and on the vehicle.

The same is about the starter. Starter problems are common. When you face difficulty to start, you think that the problem is with the faulty motor. O’Reilly technicians can evaluate the condition properly with no cost.

  • Wiper Blade and Bulb Installation

O’Reilly offers free service for the bulb and wiper blade installation. Yes, you will have to buy the wiper blades and bulbs to get a free installation. They will install front and rear wiper, tail lights, and headlights for free of charge.

  • Check Engine Light Testing

When you feel that your engine light is not working, you can contact your local O’Reilly for free testing. They will diagnose the issue and will help you to find out a suitable solution.

  • Fluid and Battery Recycling

O’Reilly offers free fluid and battery recycling. The store collects automotive batteries, motor oil, oil filters, and transmission fluid for recycling. You can recycle the oil and battery free of charge.

Auto Zone

  • Battery Testing

When your battery shows trouble, you can do a free battery test at Auto Zone stores instead of considering replacement. They will test your battery for free and will suggest you solution depending on the condition of batteries.

  • Alternator and Starter Testing

If you are looking for a free starter and alternator testing, you can also visit your local Auto Zone store. They will offer a complete test from starting to the charging system.

  • Voltage and Regulator Testing

In addition, they will also test your voltage regulators, coils, control modules, and throttle position sensors. A complete free test will improve the performance of your vehicle.

  • Fluid and Battery Recycling

Auto Zone will offer you an easy way for battery and fluid recycling. You can dispose of your used batteries and oil safely.

  • Battery Charging

When your battery is dead, you can come to Auto Zone for recharging. The charging will be free of cost and fast.

  • Loaner Tool Program

You can use Auto Zone Loaner Tool Program to use a tool for free with a deposit.

You will get the free services in almost all the locations unless it is not prohibited by law. Yes, a free installation will be done with the purchases in some stores.

Free Services from Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys, O’Reilly & Auto Zone (2024)
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