Behr 5 Gallon Paint (2024)

1. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ® Interior Paints

  • A Premium Interior Paint & Primer delivering durability at a great value. BEHR's PREMIUM PLUS® Interior paint and primer is a durable coating for any room.

2. PREMIUM PLUS® Exterior Paint/Primer | Behr Pro

  • A Premium Exterior Paint & Primer delivering dependable performance at a great value. Features. Durable, Long-Lasting Finish: Reduces the painting cycle ...

  • BEHR's PREMIUM PLUS® Exterior paint/primer is a durable coating for any part of a building's exterior. Paint and primer at a great value. Choose your perfect finish here.

3. Buy Paint Online - Behr

  • That's why, when you order paint online, you choose an 8 oz. paint sample, a gallon (good for 200-450 sq. ft.), or 5 gallons (good for 1,500-2,000 sq. ft ...

  • Learn here how to buy paint online at through the Home Depot. Now with free shipping on qualifying orders, you can also buy colors online and pickup in store.

4. Interior Paint and Primer Products for Your Home | Behr

5. Behr: Exterior Paint | Interior Paint | Wood Stains

  • ... gallon size can 1 Gallon. 1 quart size can 1 Quart. 5 gallon size can 5 Gallon. QTY. 8 Oz. Sample. decrease quantity increase quantity. 1 Gallon. decrease ...

  • Browse through all of the exterior paint, interior paint and wood stains available from Behr, offering paints that are perfect for your next project.

6. Anyone use Behr's Primer-Paint combo?

  • Feb 7, 2012 · ... Behr regular paint over that. The ... For shop primer consider taking all your current left over paint and mixing it in a 5 gallon bucket.

  • I'm preparing to paint my shop interior. I've found the color I want and am going w/ Behr (personal preference). Has anyone used the Behr primer/paint in one product and if so, what do you think of it? Might save a coat but I don't mind tinting the primer and finishing up with one coat. BTW, I plan to use exterior paint since this shop will be open sometimes. Thanks for any info. BTW, here is the link to the shop:

7. BEHR Premium Plus 5 gal. Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss Enamel Low Odor I

  • Semi-Gloss Enamel sheen offers a radiant, sleek appearance · 5 gallon covers up to 2,000 sq. ft. depending on application, color and surface porosity · Use a high ...

  • BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior Paint & Primer offers exceptional durability and hide with a finish that is mildew and stain resistant. In addition, you'll enjoy the benefits of a low odor paint. Perfect for kids' rooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows, trim, cabinets, shutters and interior furniture Semi-


  • Behr PRO i100 5-Gallon Semigloss Interior Paint | Offers great touch-up and hiding performance for your convenience | Water-base formula can be applied ...

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9. Behr Paint - Walmart

  • Shop for Behr Paint at Save money. Live better. ... True Value Mfg MOC1-5G Maintenance One 5-Gallon Contractor White Interior Latex 1 Step Wall ...

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10. Behr 5 gallon buckets of paint - Paint - Pekin, Illinois | Facebook Marketplace

  • I have 2 5 gallon buckets of each pictured color. $80 each Canton Store pick up during Store hours, North Pekin porch pick up, or delivery available in...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

11. Interior Paint and Primer | BEHR ULTRA® Interior Paint | Behr

  • Don't just paint your walls - protect them with BEHR ULTRA SCUFF DEFENSE Interior Paint. ... gallon size can 1 Gallon. 1 quart size can 1 Quart. 5 gallon size can ...

  • BEHR ULTRA® Interior paint and primer is great for repainting any room in your home. See the colors available here.

12. Quality of Behr Pro I 300 paint ? - BiggerPockets

  • I only used it as ceiling paint, white flat. It ok for the price of 5 gallons buckets especially with a pro discount. I didn't use it on walls so can't help ...

  • I used to use Kilz pro X 300 paint bought at HD for walls. Kilz paint is no more, now it is called Behr Pro i300. Does anybody know if Behr just chang

13. PREMIUM PLUS ® Interior Eggshell Enamel No. 2050 - Behr

  • SELECT SIZE How Much Paint Do I Need? Sample size can 8 Oz. Sample. 1 gallon size can 1 Gallon. 1 quart size can 1 Quart. 5 gallon size can 5 Gallon. QTY. 8 Oz ...

  • For tough paint with a touch of style, choose BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior Eggshell Enamel. Great for use in the moderate traffic areas.

14. BEHR 5 Gallon Paint Interior Exterior Water Proofing Wood Preservative

  • 12 hours ago · This will cost $150 - $200 in store. The colors show in the pictures are the ones available. One exterior light grey and one interior white 4 ...

  • BEHR 5 Gallon Paint Interior Exterior Elastomeric Water Proofing Wood Protector Preservative Clear Coating. Never been used. This will cost $150 - $200 in store. The colors show in the pictures are...

Behr 5 Gallon Paint (2024)
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