Baltimore Ravens 1st Round Mock Draft: 3 Strong Starters available at 30 - Bleacher Nation (2024)

The Baltimore Ravens enter the 2024 draft with the 30th overall pick. Despite a strong regular season, the Ravens’ playoff run fell short, exposing some weaknesses on both sides of the ball. This Baltimore Ravens 1st Round Mock Draft doesn’t necessarily address needs but goes with the best player available. With a later first-round pick, the Ravens will need to be strategic in addressing their needs. Here’s a look at who they might target in the first round:

Baltimore Ravens 1st Round Mock Draft

This Baltimore Ravens 1st Round Mock Draft focuses on adding the best player available, something they have been consistent in doing for the last decade. Check out my latest 2024 NFL Mock Draft for FREE at where the Ravens bolster their secondary.

The Pick: Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama

The Ravens secondary has been solid but they are now dealing with the departure of DC Mike McDaniel. While Marlon Humphrey and Brandon Stephens are solid, the Ravens have a tendency to just take the best player available regardless of need. We saw it last year with Kyle Hamilton, an immediately elite starter. Enter Kool-Aid McKinstry, a name that lives up to his on-field play. Here’s a breakdown of why McKinstry could be a perfect fit in Baltimore:

  • Elite Ball Skills: McKinstry boasts exceptional instincts and ball skills. He tracks receivers well, anticipates throws, and displays impressive leaping ability. His highlight reel is filled with interceptions showcasing his ability to high-point passes and come away with the ball.
  • Physical Tools: At 5’11″ and 199 lbs, McKinstry possesses good size for the position. He has the speed to keep up with shifty receivers, showcasing fluidity in his backpedal and change of direction. His physicality makes him a threat in press coverage, allowing him to disrupt routes at the line of scrimmage.
  • Versatility: McKinstry has experience playing both nickel and outside cornerback, providing the Ravens with valuable flexibility. He can line up opposite Humphrey and take on the team’s top receiver, or slot in as the nickel defender in sub-package situations.
  • Baltimore Ravens 1st Round Mock Draft: 3 Strong Starters available at 30 - Bleacher Nation (1)

    While some might argue the Ravens need offensive line help, the value and immediate impact McKinstry offers at cornerback is too good to pass up. Here’s why:

  • Draft Depth at Offensive Line: This year’s draft is strong in the interior offensive line, an area the Ravens could address later in the draft. Drafting a talented young corner like McKinstry allows them to prioritize immediate defensive improvement without reaching for an offensive lineman.
  • Long-Term Investment: Drafting McKinstry provides an insurance policy at the position and allows for a smooth transition if Humphrey or Stephens’ play declines but in the short-term makes their secondary elite.
  • Other Considerations:

  • BYU OT Kingsley Suamataia: The Ravens have Ronnie Stanley but he has not been a model of health over the years. Suamataia is a massive, powerful offensive tackle with the potential to be a day-one starter. However, at pick 30, the Ravens might miss out on the top-tier offensive line talent.
  • Arizona OT Jordan Morgan: Similar to Suamataia, Morgan is a physically imposing tackle with a mauler mentality. However, his pass blocking technique needs refinement. With Lamar Jackson’s scrambling ability, the Ravens might prioritize a more polished pass protector earlier in the draft.
  • Impact on the Ravens:

    The addition of McKinstry would significantly bolster the Ravens’ secondary. He could immediately compete for a starting role alongside Humphrey, providing a an extra shutdown presence on the outside. His ability to play nickel gives the Ravens defensive coordinator, Zach Orr, more flexibility in his schemes.

    McKinstry’s talent and potential fit nicely with the Ravens’ defensive philosophy. With a young, talented corner on their roster, the Ravens can focus on building depth at other positions through the rest of the draft.

    Baltimore Ravens 1st Round Mock Draft Final Thoughts:

    The 2024 draft is an important one for the Ravens. While the offensive line could use some upgrades, the value of a top-flight cornerback like McKinstry is too tempting to ignore. He has the potential to be a cornerstone piece in the Ravens’ secondary for years to come.

    Check out my latest 2024 NFL Mock Draft for FREE at where the Ravens land Kool-Aid.

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    Baltimore Ravens 1st Round Mock Draft: 3 Strong Starters available at 30 - Bleacher Nation (2)

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    Baltimore Ravens 1st Round Mock Draft: 3 Strong Starters available at 30 - Bleacher Nation (2024)
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